Origin: Italy
Specialty: Handcrafted objects from exotic animal skins and horns

The materials are complex: nappa leather, crocodile, horn, tusks and rare woods, and few artisans possess the knowledge and expertise to transform these materials to the level of art that Cedes has. Here materials are meticulously worked for months to create everyday objects that carry the story of their origins - from Africa and Asia to Italy to the owner’s home. The result is a true luxury which transcends brand.

While the company is relatively young, having only been founded in 2009, both of its principals bring unique experiences that put them in a unique position to create the amazing pieces that they do. Manuela Casati comes from a background in industrial design and has grown the company with her partner Mauro Lorenzi, the grandson of Giovanni Lorenzi who founded the storied men’s luxury accessories shop in via Montenapoleone, Milan over 80 years ago. This legacy of curating exceptional home and personal accessories now continues three generations later through Cedes. 

Note: All materials are certified according to the international CITES protocol where applicable and have been sustainably obtained.