Forge de Laguiole

Origin: France
Specialty: Knives and cutlery

There are certain items of utility which every man needs around the home - a utility knife for the odd repair, a corkscrew for entertaining friends, and the little accessories for their other hobbies, whether golf, cigars or other pursits. Just because these items are utilitarian does not mean that their owner should select them with any less care than his other accessories. In fact, their everyday use might suggest they deserve a little extra attention. For this reason, we have curated a selection of objects from Forge de Laguiole, one of the finest cutlery makers operating today.

Forge de Laguiole comes from a long knifemaking tradition in the town of Laguiole, in southern France. The manufacture of a Laguiole knife is a complex process with up to 180 individual steps. Each object is meticulously shaped from start to finish by a master culter whose skill is equal to a goldsmith or watchmaker in the art of sculpting, polishing, hardening, etching, stamping and riveting. The cutler’s hands and nature of the materials used renders each piece unique. These special objects have developed a cult following and serve as a point of reference for both design and for French art of living, and have entered the UNESCO World Heritage patrimony. 

Steps to crafting a Laguiole:


Creating handle