Werkstätte Carl Auböck

Origin: Austria
Specialty: Bauhaus design

The ability of brass’s warmth to give ordinary objects an extraordinary and timeless quality is something the early Carl Auböck understood well. His werkstatte, or workshop, was founded in the nineteenth century and updated by his son in 1926 after returning from studies at the Weimar Bauhaus. It was under Carl II's direction that the workshop took on the characteristic modernist design that would subsequently define it. The workshop quickly rose in international fame, culminating with three awards at the Triennale di Milano in 1954.

Now in its fourth generation, Carl Auböck stays close to its mid-century modernist identity. All works are crafted by hand using the same techniques as at the workshop’s founding. This brass working process is manual and labour-intensive, creating objects that are unique and beautiful gifts that endure generations.