Kutani Sake Set

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Japanese Ceramics
Origin: Japan
Specialty: Functional and decorative handcrafted earthenware

Kutani Bitouen (九谷美陶園) atelier is a studio preserving the craft of traditional kutani porcelain from Ishikawa. The studio itself is 100 years old, while the kutani porcelain tradition dates back over 350 years. All steps of production are produced in-house, from crushing rocks, forming clay, firing and painting. The result is porcelain products that are not only beautiful, but an important link to the country's past. Kutani Bitouen wares have been sought by collectors from throughout the world, including the Crown Prince of Japan.

This three piece sake set includes a decanter and two small bowls with faceted octagonal shape. The decanter tapers in two sections, and all three pieces have a hand painted motif of green grass and blue flowers. Kutani Bitouen's mark is hand painted onto the bottom of each item. Handmade.

Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 9 cm

Art items are not eligible for return.