Tall Tea Cup

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Japanese Ceramics
Origin: Japan
Specialty: Functional and decorative handcrafted earthenware

Naoto Tanii is a ceramic artist from Shiragaki, Japan. He creates everyday objects for eating and drinking that have a unique aesthetic sense that elevates the everyday experiences for which they are used to a  new level. The shapes are organic and comfortable, yet through use of colour palette and special finishes, each object he makes has a certain elegance which makes it equally appropriate in an art gallery as it is at home.

This tea cup is typical of the Shigaraki style, named for the area from which the artist comes. It is characterised by  ceramics with a brown and oatmeal-coloured appearance and small surface imperfections due to quartz naturally found in the clay which is then only partially fired. This piece is tall and has a ridged outer surface. A thin light brown layer accentuates the ridges on the outer surface and creates visual depth on the inner surface before being finished with a glossy glaze. Handmade.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 9.0 cm

Art items are not eligible for return.